Septic Tank Pumping

Tank Pumping is a very important part of regular maintenance on your Aerobic System.

High “Sludge” Levels

Testing sludge levels in the aerobic tank should be part of the septic system’s routine maintenance. When the sludge reaches a level of roughly 50% to 60% of the aerobic tank, it is recommended that you have the system pumped. Sometimes sludge will collect inside the pump tank, this can mark water surges in the system. In such a case, we would recommend you schedule a tank pumping as soon as possible.

Reasons to keep tank pumping part of regular maintenance:

  • Having too much sludge in the aerobic tank will reduce the percentage of wastewater treated.
  • Without being pumped regularly solids can build up in the pump, resulting in pump failure.
  • Spray lines and spray heads can even be clogged by too excess solids.

How often do I need to pump my Aerobic System?

Pumping frequency varies — the average is between 1 and 5 years depending upon, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • The size of the trash tank, pump tank, and aerobic tank.
  • The number of members in the household.
  • The items being put down drains or flushed down the toilet.
  • The medications within the household.
  • Excessive use of household cleaners.
  • Hydraulic overloads on the system.