Clearstream Systems

We are an authorized dealer for Clearstream Wastewater Systems. Our systems have a 2 year warranty. Clearstream Wastewater Treatment Systems have been tested and certified by NSF International to meet and exceed the requirement of the International Standard 40 evaluation, developed by NSF and the Council of Public Health Consultants.

The Clearstream Wastewater Treatment System is a highly efficient “extended aeration” sewage treatment plant. This system, through aeration and clarification, provides a proper environment for aerobic bacteria and other micro-organisms that convert the incoming sewage into clear, odorless, and organically stable water. Test results taken from actual in-service applications of Clearstream Systems average consistently below the United States Environmental Protection Agency requirements for direct discharge of treated effluent.

Because of the high quality of effluent discharged from the Clearstream System, many alternative methods of disposal are made possible. Some regulatory agencies allow direct discharge of the effluent to streams, lakes, bays, and other bodies of water. Where the regulatory agency does not allow direct discharge of treated effluent, many alternative on-site disposal methods may be used. Spray irrigation and drip irrigation of lawns, pastures, landscape beds, or even golf courses are common reuse methods. With additional accessories, the recycle of the effluent is made possible for many other non-potable water uses.