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Clearstream Wastewater

We are an authorized dealer for Clearstream Wastewater Systems. Our systems have a 2 year warranty. Clearstream Wastewater Treatment Systems have been tested and certified by NSF International to meet and exceed the requirement of the International Standard 40 evaluation, developed by NSF and the Council of Public Health Consultants.

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We do not contract labor for installing systems, our team is very experienced and works well together. We want to make sure you understand what will be taking place throughout the installation process. Our team will lay out the installation, making it easier to follow and provides an overview of the work.

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Regardless of what type of Aerobic System you have, ALL of these septic systems require occasional maintenance in order to keep the system functioning properly and sustain the life of the system.

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Tank Pumping

Testing sludge levels in the aerobic tank should be part of the septic system’s routine maintenance. When the sludge reaches a level of roughly 50% to 60% of the aerobic tank, it is recommended that you have the system pumped.

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  • "I am very happy with my new Aerobic System! Tim and his team are highly skilled and efficient with their work"

    Damon Sumlin
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